Hong Kong’s ANX International to launch Free, Instant Blockchain Service


Hong Kong company ANX International is about to launch ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) – a Blockchain platform that will allow anyone to create Blockchain applications instantly at no cost. 

ANX Blockchain Services (ABS)  is a cloud platform which allows its customers to generate customised digital assets, digital wallets, and branded exchange platform which can transform applications into a secure platform using Blockchain technology.

These applications can include loyalty applications, payment applications, token systems, voucher systems, coupon applications, and registry systems. It requires no software installation and is 100% self-service at no cost. 

Chief executive officer of ANX International, Ken Lo, told Bloomberg its new service lets anyone make a blockchain account in minutes and choose how many digital assets to create , adding the technology for issuing Blockchain-based assets has been in development for the past three years and It has been used internally for some of ANX’s biggest clients including an e-commerce company that wanted to run a loyalty program. 

“I can tell you now the demand for people wanting to get blockchain services is very high — that’s why we’ve decided to systematize it,” Lo added. “We’re helping the general public get access to blockchain by lowering the barriers to using the technology.”

“Once you drive the price down to zero, then you’ll see a lot more uses for it,” Lo said. “The biggest problem now in blockchain is education and exposure.”