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    Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Rolls Out Certification Programme


    The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA), in partnership with Positrust, an industry leading technology company, has announced the unveiling of the WSBA Certification Framework (WCF).

    “As we have often noted throughout the financial markets, one of the industry’s greatest challenges is the lack of a large pool of technical and business expertise regarding Blockchain or distributed ledger technology. As this technology expands into greater use cases in financial markets, the ability to train and maintain knowledge in this evolving field will continue to become ever more important. We are very pleased to partner with Positrust to launch the WCF, and look forward to collaboratively contributing to the growth of Blockchain usage in the future,” stated Ron Quaranta, Chairman of the WSBA.

    The WCF is creating an educational structure to increase the availability of expert Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or Blockchain talent in financial markets, across disciplines such as business analysis, systems architecture, coding, cyber security, operational management, and system migrations to name a few.

    Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

    This platform is the result of growing WSBA member inquiries about the future of DLT or Blockchain in the financial markets, and how they might have access to the growing pool of knowledge and talent required to stay competitive in the future.

    “Beyond the hype and theoretical use cases, there is a dire need for technologists who understand the product side of implementation, integration and migration. The right skills mix will deliver the anticipated deployment saves attributed to DLT in an efficient and cost effective manner. The WCF Proof-of-concept aims to mature the delivery models required for implementations in the industry, and ideally help pave the way for practical approaches to the adoption of DLT in capital markets,” said Andrew B Kasaija, a Managing Partner at Positrust.

    Applicants for the pilot program are currently being sought and enrolled, with the first full cohort targeted for launch in Q4 2016. Industry participants seeking more information are encouraged to email

    Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

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