Stampery Launches New API and Certification Service on Ethereum Blockchain


Stampery has launched a new API and an improved certification service called The new services create immutable records of existence and integrity of documents through the use of Blockchain technology.

Stampery believes its tech-first approach to archaic notarisation practices will drastically alter the legal process.

From the Stampery Blog:

At Stampery we are constantly evolving to give businesses and individuals the best Blockchain anchoring service.

Today we are launching a new super powered API ready for industrial scale use cases. Its new features are:

  • Ethereum settlement: We now embed our records in the Ethereum blockchain in addition to the Bitcoin blockchain, which allows us to offer faster and even more secure settlement.
  • Unseen scalability: Billions of data transactions are generated every second worldwide, and our mission is to enable everyone to create reliable proof of existence and integrity for all of that data. To achieve such goal, our new API is now 100x more scalable than before.

We have now improved our certification service making it faster and slicker at the new domain, powered by Stampery:

  • Brand new interface: We have focused on making our blockchain timestamping service even cleaner and easier to use. We are committed to the mission of making it seamless for everyone to authenticate any data, and this is a strong step towards that goal

  • Simpler user experience: for the sake of simplicity, drops lesser-used features such as Dropbox, government ID verification and our legacy BCC email timestamping.

  • Free!: is completely free, following our effort to democratize fast and automatic generation of immutable and independently verifiable records.