Iconomi Fund Management Platform ICO Raises $5 Million With 10 Days To Go


The proposed ICONOMI fund management platform for the decentralised economy, has realised another milestone. Just days away from the completion of the platform founding, ICONOMI is today announcing the acceleration of plans.

The world’s first index fund of digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether, the ICONOMI.INDEX fund, will be announced at the close of Devcon2. 

The ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE fund, also originally scheduled to launch in Q4/2016, will also be announced sooner than planned. ICONOMI’s flagship, high-profit fund will remain invite-only to the public beyond its shareholders. ICONOMI’s founders are attending Ethereum’s Devcon2 conference where new ICO opportunities are being actively identified.

“I am extremely pleased by the level of innovation and disruption present at and around the DevCon2 conference! We have already identified several interesting investment opportunities for our ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE fund — all that on the very first day”, said Tim Mitja Zagar, co-founder of ICONOMI.

ICONOMI announced its vision on August 25 2016 with the publication of two fundamental whitepapers and introduction of the team. A 4-week crowdfunding ICO (Initial Coin Offering) campaign was launched. The company outlined a minimum initial capital target of 2000 bitcoins (approx. 1.2 million USD).

Only 88 hours later, ICONOMI crowdfunding exceeded the minimum required capital. 

And 48 hours later the ICONOMI ICO reached $3 million.

Following a roadshow at the Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany, ICONOMI gained strong positive feedback from decentralised economy startup colleagues, and one day later ICO topped $4 million and more than 1500 investors.

As of press time, they have passed $5 million. 

ICONOMI is the first fund management platform for the decentralised economy. Promising the uberisation of fund management, ICONOMI is developing new financial instruments, that will bridge the gap between the old and new economies. ICONOMI is set to introduce the first two funds into the decentralised economy: ICONOMI.INDEX and ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE.

You can get additional information at: https://ico.iconomi.net/