BlockApps and Red Hat Cut Deal to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solution for Blockchain Applications in the Enterprise


    BlockApps, the first Blockchain-as-a-Service platform and a leading provider of Ethereum Blockchain enterprise software, is collaborating with Red Hat to make it easier for enterprises to build production Blockchain applications that can be deployed in production across hybrid cloud environments – spanning both public and private clouds.

    “What we’re seeing is a significant shift in Blockchain adoption, moving from experimentation to wholesale adoption and scaled deployment within enterprises across various verticals,” said Victor Wong, cofounder and CEO at BlockApps. “Red Hat began collaboration with BlockApps early, and we couldn’t ask for a better technology partner for bringing standard based Blockchain technologies into full production environments.”

    Some of the biggest barriers to enterprises adopting Blockchain technologies have been the complexity of quickly developing solutions that can scale from proof-of-concepts (POCs) to enterprise-level production environments.

    “Red Hat believes in the potential for Blockchain in the enterprise, and we believe that a flexible open source and container-based platform offers an ideal platform for Blockchain and fintech apps,” said Rich Feldmann, global director, Financial Services, Red Hat. “We are excited to continue our collaboration with BlockApps to help enterprise organizations take advantage of the power of Blockchain apps, at scale, in hybrid environments.”

    BlockApps has been a leading enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that makes it easy to develop Blockchain applications, from the POC through the production phase, with a quickly growing number of more than 100 enterprises building over 1,000 projects to date. Red Hat is a leader in hybrid, enterprise-grade open source solutions, and in open source container technology. In 2016, BlockApps STRATO became the first Blockchain application to be available on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and BlockApps joined Red Hat’s OpenShift Blockchain Initiative, which is designed to help financial services industry customers build hosted Blockchain solutions.

    Now, BlockApps and Red Hat are working together to bring Blockchain applications to scale for hybrid cloud environments. A hybrid BaaS solution powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can enable developers to build apps that combine the capabilities of the Blockchain in hybrid cloud environments, enabling organizations to create production-ready Ethereum applications more easily.

    BlockApps is the first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) software platform that empowers enterprises to build Blockchain applications quickly and easily. BlockApps uses Ethereum, an open source Blockchain standard, to make it easy for enterprise developers to create applications in hours. BlockApps is trusted by enterprises worldwide and is recognized as the best platform for creating Blockchain applications. BlockApps was founded in 2015 by world renowned Blockchain experts and is based in Brooklyn, New York.