Industry Thought Leaders Invest With Blockchain Capital in its Ground-Breaking ICO


Blockchain Capital, the premier venture capital firm investing in Blockchain technology companies, today announces Vinny Lingham, Andrew Keys, and Matthew Roszack, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Bloq, as some of the early investors in the firm’s new digital liquid venture fund raised through a digital token offering called the BCAP Token. This announcement underscores initial excitement in the first VC fund ever raised by a digital token offering.

“These thought leaders and investors have made Blockchain Capital’s pursuit of the first liquidity-enhanced venture capital fund a reality,” said Brock Pierce, Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital. “Our investors see the same gap in venture capital that we did when we started down the ICO path – the need for venture funds via a liquid, tradable, digital token that still abide by all regulatory compliance rules. Together we expect to democratize the venture capital industry and provide a unique product to the broader crypto investment community.”

In line with its strategy to drive innovation based on Blockchain technology, Blockchain Capital is pursuing an offering of Ethereum-based tokens that will represent an evergreen fractional ownership in a new fund called Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund, LP.

With a digital token issued by a Singapore entity, taking advantage of the JOBS Act securities law liberalizations in the US, the transaction structure draws on significant progress being made by forward-thinking regulators and jurisdictions in creating the necessary flexibility to allow this unique new market to mature. Full details of the offering are disclosed on

“Blockchain Capital is revolutionizing venture investing by unlocking liquidity in previously illiquid secondary venture markets by tokenizing assets via Ethereum,” said Andrew Keys, Head of Global Business Development at ConsenSys. “Capital markets will be forever changed by this type of financial instrument innovation.”

The investment focus of the fund continues Blockchain Capital’s established practice of identifying outstanding Blockchain technology companies led by ambitious management teams and partnering with them to accelerate growth. As enterprise use cases for the Blockchain proliferate across industries beyond financial technology, this capital raise gives Blockchain Capital the opportunity to maintain its leadership position in supporting the broadening ecosystem.

“Blockchain Capital and I share a unique vision for the future of Blockchain technology,” said Vinny Lingham, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Civic. “The initial coin offering not only aligns with our traditional values and investment beliefs, but furthers our confidence that the venture capital industry will soon offer more flexibility in today’s market climate. We are excited to work with Blockchain Capital on this unique new structure.”

A number of technology partners are aligning with Blockchain Capital for this offering. The Blockchain identity company Civic will contribute its Blockchain-based KYC/AML technology. ConsenSys Diligence will review the smart contract for the token, and Jaxx, a leading Ethereum wallet, will offer support for the token.

The offering is bookrun by The Argon Group, via its subsidiary Argon Investment Management LLC, under Regulation D Section 506(c) and Regulation S exemptions from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Blockchain Capital is the premier venture capital firm investing in Blockchain technology companies. Launched in 2013, Blockchain Capital’s initial fund was the first venture capital fund dedicated to the Bitcoin / Blockchain ecosystem, and was also the first fund to accept capital calls in Bitcoin. Blockchain Capital is a sector specific, multi-stage, venture capital firm that seeks to gain diverse exposure to the Blockchain ecosystem while offering unique co-investment opportunities and proprietary deal flow to its investors. The firm was founded by Bart Stephens, Brad Stephens, and Brock Pierce. For more information, please email, visit, follow @Blockchaincap, or call 415-677-5340.

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