Blockchain Startup Liquidity Asset Token (LATO) announces PRE-ICO to Tokenize Assets


Blockchain startup Liquidity Asset Tokens (LATO) has announced a presale from 10 till 17th of July for their platform to test the wallet and test-net leading up to the Token Sale Event in August.  LATO wants to ensure that community innovators have an opportunity to get LATO tokens prior to the institutional investor offering which will commence before the ICO.

The company plans to offer anyone the potential to unlock the value of illiquid assets ranging from real estate and banks loans to works of art.

Through the creation of digital tokens, any asset can be bought, sold, or traded in fractional shares on a secondary market, enabling asset owners to more effectively leverage the value of their previously illiquid holdings.  Real estate assets, for example, are estimated to be worth $217 trillion worldwide, with liquidity barriers existing in every market.

“The secondary and the primary markets of fractional ownership of home equity and mortgages are now on the verge of a breakthrough, thanks to cryptocurrency Blockchain smart contracts” – says David Drake, chair of LDJ Real Estate Fund and member of advisory board of LATO.

The LATO platform gives asset owners a new way to gain liquidity by making fractional asset ownership possible and tradable with minimal transaction costs.

Asset owners can quickly get cash by issuing a Liquidity Asset Token and selling it via the LATO marketplace, while simultaneously keeping the actual asset for their use instead of borrowing money and paying interest.

Investors can buy fractional shares of assets via LATO, can manage a more diversified and risk-balanced portfolio with in-depth asset data stored on a Blockchain.

“LATO unlocks the value of assets by transforming the way money flows between asset owners, borrowers, banks and investors. With the LATO Blockchain, assets records are traceable, transactions are registered, and ownership is verifiable. The net result is that previously illiquid assets are now tradable without the expensive and cumbersome securitization processes needed to protect investors. Access to capital for banks, borrowers and asset owners occurs at dramatically lower cost.” – said Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LATO.

The platform is based on an existing home equity marketplace, founded by CEO of LATO, that has facilitated 12,000 mortgage offers and more than 1000 deals from 7 banks and 25 investors in the past six months.

The LATO platform currently includes both a Wallet for purchasing and management of asset tokens transactions and a TestNet.

Creating a fractional asset in the Test Net is straightforward. Asset owners create an Asset Token, purchase Proof-of-Asset service, and list the token at LATO marketplace. In addition, an Asset Token issuer can buy insurance or other instruments to make the token more attractive to investors.

Investors can trade and manage assets portfolio via the LATO investment terminal. The terminal provides trading functions, access to credible assets data stored on Blockchain and asset portfolio analytics tools.

A LATO token will be needed to buy asset tokens created on the platform and to pay fees for creation of asset token and transactions with them.

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