Blockchain Genomics company raises over $1M with Gene-Chain Coin Token Sales

Encrypgen has 7 days left to double the sales


Encrypgen, a leading innovator in the Blockchain genomic storage and security industry, announced today that they have raised over 1 Million USD through their ongoing Token Sale. The company, led by the renowned scientist and author Dr. David Koepsell, has already reached more than half of their intended sale goal at 55%.

This low-key token sale (or ‘ICO’) for a high-profile product has seen significant growth due to word-of-mouth marketing by it’s core enthusiasts. Encrypgen makes genomic data storage private and robust through Blockchain and encryption technology. With the help of a strong Blockchain insider network, they capped off the last three days with a 100 bitcoin leap.

The Encrypgen team highlighted in their last weekly update that they are on the verge of closing a number of sales for their beta application to research institutes. The beta has successfully assimilated a vast library of public genetic data.

Encrypgen allows individual donors to control and even sell access to their private genetic information with private encryption keys. Encrypgen is not ready to confirm (or deny) the rumor that a “whale” ICO investment fund plans to buy out all remaining tokens before the end of the token sale.  The Gene-Chain coin token bonuses of 300K and 500K are still available to buyers of over 75BTC and 100BTC respectively.  Meanwhile the largest buyer so far with 52BTC stands to earn a 1M Gene-Chain coin bonus.

After an eventful week, which included a new web portal and the release of a further developed white paper, Encrypgen remains confident that the last week of the token sale will be just as momentous as the company’s development to date.  

Encrypgen is very busy with continued marketing and development to build application sales and revenue, and less focused on promoting their token sale. With a prescient focus on disrupting genomic data management, Dr David Koepsell says: “We continue to seek a brave and forward-thinking client who is interested and willing to help make their genomic data storage and sharing more secure, and facilitate what we are trying to create as a new marketplace for that data.”

Encrypgen LLC was founded by Dr. David Koepsell, in collaboration with genetics scientists and developers in 2016.  Encrypgen enables an open and secure channel for genetic data storage and compilation, enabling next generation genetic database management. This aims to ‘solve’ genomic data storage whilst preserving the personal data autonomy of donors who participate for the first time. It’s fuelled by the team’s passion to give genetic data donors ownership over their data, and propel genetic research into the future.