EnvisionX to Bring Blockchain to Programmatic Advertising


EnvisionX, an independent advertising technology company and provider of programmatic advertising solutions, has today announced the launch of BitCasts,  a programmatic platform solution, integrated with Blockchain technology.  

By introducing a Blockchain element into its existing advertising technology, EnvisionX will advance global programmatic advertising to the next level and also add an extra layer of security to the platforms to help combat issues facing the industry.

BitCasts will address major worldwide buyer problems, such as currency, which is usually in US dollars. By adding cryptocurrency capabilities with Blockchain, buyers can purchase media in local currency without exchange rate complications. In addition BitCasts will also tackle the issue of long payment turnaround to publishers, and transparency issues will also be addressed, by allowing users to see exactly how much money is spent when a campaign is delivered and on which publisher. In turn the publisher will be able see precisely how much the buyer has paid, enabling real transparency along the chain whilst also combating fraudulent activity.

EnvisionX currently offers two products which will be further enhanced with the new technology. AdTrades is a versatile and dynamic advertising marketplace that is available for immediate trade between any programmatically enabled buyer or seller, giving buyers access to multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs) and their verified advertising inventory or media. AdCasts is a “ready-to-go” robust SaaS platform which makes it easy for advertisers to get programmatically set-up without having to build a demand-side platform (DSP)  themselves.

Zheng Zhang, CEO and Founder of EnvisionX says “We are radicalising the digital advertising space by leveraging the power of Blockchain technology with progressive programmatic advertising. There are a few pioneers in advertising who have built a basic cryptocurrency based ad network. However, by combining our existing advanced programmatic ecosystem  with Blockchain technology, Bitcasts is set to really bring online advertising to the next stage and help us to continue working for the greater good of the industry as a whole.”

BitCasts will beta launch in September/October 2017, with the full version being available to customers by 2018. If you would like more information on EnvisionX and its programmatic solutions, please visit – http://www.envisionx.co/. To sign up to the newsletter about BitCasts, please visit http://www.bitcasts.co.