investFeed Finishes Successful Token Generation Event

    Over 15,000 Ether Pours into US project focused on building cryptocurrency-based social investment network


    investFeed, the next-generation social investment network that just replaced equities with blockchain based assets, concluded its Token Generation Event (TGE) today, Monday, August 7th at 5am EDT. The TGE closed with contributions totalling 15,038 ETH with a market valuation of $4 million USD. The FEED tokens (IFT), generated through Ethereum based smart contracts, have already been issued to the near 1000 contributors. Founded and launched in 2014 by a pair of seasoned Wall Street traders, investFeed is aiming to be the first to deliver an incentivized marketplace enabling the sharing of cryptocurrency investing ideas, peer to peer insights, market analytics, crowd sentiment, breaking news, and integrated asset portfolio and order management.

    CEO of investFeed Ron Chernesky said:

    “The amount of community support we have received over the last two weeks has been unbelievable and only reinforces our drive to deliver the best product we can to the cryptocurrency community. When we sought out to create an incentivized, next-generation social investment network for cryptocurrencies, we placed democracy at the center of our mission. That is why we held our token sale: we understood the importance of placing power directly in the hands of the community. Our development team has built the first version of the platform already and it’s receiving great feedback. We are going to keep rolling out advanced features and unlock new functionality; it’s now time to turn this vision into a reality.”

    The platform beta, now live, has over fifteen thousand signups, where users are sharing opinions, market sentiment and investing ideas on 235 high-performing, highly liquid cryptocurrencies, each with their own dedicated stream. Comments and messaging functionality is now available on a Twitter-style user interface.

    “The strong level of participation reflects a significant market need for a one-stop shop for investors and financial market professionals migrating from the relatively low yield world of stocks, bonds and real estate, to the exciting new world of cryptocurrency. Traditional investors, high-net worth individuals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts now have a better way to participate in, learn about, and benefit from the growing industry, one that we think is primed for extremely rapid ascension across the next decade,” Chernesky said.

    investFeed’s new platform launched ahead of schedule, which was originally planned for release 90 days post TGE. The marketplace’s internal utility token will be used to access popular investing ideas, peer-to-peer price predictions, investor insights, activating cryptocurrency alerts, and “Boosting” or promoting individual content.