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Home News Rivetz International Partners with LAToken to Boost Marketplace Security on Mobile Devices

    Rivetz International Partners with LAToken to Boost Marketplace Security on Mobile Devices

    Rivetz to Bring TEE Hardware-Based Cybersecurity to LaToken


    LAToken, creators of a peer-to-peer Liquid Asset Token (LAT) marketplace and wallet, and Rivetz International, today announced a partnership to bring TEE Hardware-Based Cybersecurity to the LAT platform.

    The newly announced Rivetz token, RvT, provides a new decentralized model to protect and assure the transactions, identity and messages created on a mobile device are provably secure. Proof of cybersecurity controls is critical to building value in decentralized networks.

    LAToken is building a global market using Blockchain to enable a new model for freeing up the capital in fixed assets. It tokenizes and makes tradable assets ranging from debt and equity to real estate and art.

    Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

    “Security and confidence is critical to building the value of this network.”, said Steven Sprague “The partnership with Rivetz will help deliver the cybersecurity the market requires”.

    As the assets being tokenized a great real world value, it is even more imperative to utilize a new paradigm of security that Rivetz delivers.

    “Rivetz is offering a new Blockchain powered model for decentralized cybersecurity that matches our needs in the market” said Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, “We look forward to working with Rivetz and using the RvT token to assure the customers on our network have a safe and simple experience.”

    The companies will work together to support full protection of the light wallet keys and process using the Rivetz Trusted app and RvT services. Providing users a simpler and safer model to protect access to their assets on LAT marketplace. Both the buyers and sellers of assets on the LAT platform will benefit from hardware assured identity, provable electronic signature and verified instructions.

    The technologies are currently in development and the service is expected to support integration of the Rivetz capabilities by early 2018. Both companies are funding their project through the use of Token sales. More information can be found at their respective web sites.

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