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Napoleonx Plans DAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds) To Bridge The Gap Between Crypto And Real Assets Active Investing, Unboxing The Crypto World


NaPoleonX, a Fintech company incubated in Polytechnique “X” in Paris (French engineer research center), aims to launch the first algorithmic asset management firm for crypto investors and beyond.  The team is composed of experienced professional ex traders, portfolio managers, quantitative developers and is advised by law companies with experiences in Blockchain and ICOs matters.

NaPoleonX proposes a solution of smart collaborative investing dedicated to the crypto community and beyond, through the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) to unbox the cryptocurrencies.  Though smart contracts, crypto holders will be allowed, among others, to choose/change the asset classes, level of risk (leverage) and vote for crucial decisions.

For the DAF that NaPoleonX plans to launch a post ICO, an ad’hoc liquidity mechanism to accommodate DAF’s investor has been designed with a need to access their money. They say the liquidity mechanism will be three-fold:

  1. The DAF will issue tokens in order to raise money and these tokens will trade freely on one or several Exchanges. So, any investor will be able to sell its investment at any time.
  2. If a DAF is successful, they want to give the opportunity to new investors to invest in them post the initial issuance. This is an important element as most of the strategies that will be proposed will be able to accommodate over 100 million USD of assets when the underlying is in the traditional space. So, in order to onboard new investors, they have designed a unique Secondary Coin Offering (“SCO”) mechanism.
  3. If a DAF become unsuccessful, their investors will be able to disband the DAF in the case of 75% of its holders voting for such resolution. SCOs will be run like ICOs monthly and will contribute to the attractiveness of our DAFs. The aim is to remove a potential scarcity feature as can be the case with closed end funds. This SCO date will be used to manage several features of the DAF Smart Contract that will allow DAF’s investors to remain in the driving seat of their investment.
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The one round ICO will be launch this fall, after several roadshows in Europe and Asia. It will consist in a Master DAF whose investors will decide to create and seed DAFs matching their needs. In return, it will collect the performance of its tokens and 85% of the Performance and Premium Fees on all the DAFs created in the ICO seed participation and in the future.

Along the White Paper, a Black paper has been released with the performances of their investment strategies and a Gold paper for newcomer in Quantitative investing. Further information and the NaPoleonX papers are available at

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