Aimwise to Launch ICO


Aimwise, a decentralized ecosystem seeking to build a new infrastructure for coin offerings, has announced its plans to initiate a crowdsale September 2017.

Earlier this year, the project has passed initial beta testing and successfully hosted its first coin offering shortly afterwards. Now the company is up to develop its infrastructure further.

Aimwise is a synergy of a decentralized ICO hosting platform, crowdsourced idea incubator and an assisted portfolio management system.

Aimwise introduces a triple compound solution

As a hosting provider, Aimwise builds a decentralized ICO hosting platform with community-based project selection and strict standards of disclosure.

Leo Leu, co-founder and project manager, explains:

“Aimwise creates a comprehensive and dynamic framework for collective wisdom maximization and community engagement in value creation. We strive to build an open and competitive environment that allows the detection of the most promising and investable Blockchain applications complementing the further adoption of Blockchain technology.”

The requirements for disclosure and acceptance of projects are enforced by the means of a three-step community-driven selection mechanism. As an incentive for startups to provide more information, Aimwise offers a discount on the commission fees depending on the percentage of aspects disclosed.

Any received application should be verified by an independent rating agency, elected by the community. The information disclosed in project’s prospectus allows the community members to find and discuss its possible strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the community decides if the project in question deserves to join the ecosystem and votes respectively.

Aimwise incubation system is based on collective reviews and the idea-mapping technology able to organize massive discussions and make them easy to access and analyze. The system is aimed to provide a testing ground for new ideas and hypotheses, an accessible survey mechanism, an extra marketing channel, and a place to view and pick possible employees or employers.

The integrated decentralised portfolio management solution is meant to assist investors with setting up a customized investment strategy and fund allocation. It is an algorithmic tool that utilizes verified and standardized information from the hosting platform to calculate the possible most efficient distribution of funds among the listed startups.

A peek into the upcoming sale

The company will raise funds to cover the projected development and marketing expenses. Among other features, the developers are planning to improve the automated portfolio composition system and provide an accessible API.

Over the upcoming crowdsale investors will be able to acquire AIMs, the platform’s native tokens that will entitle their holders to receive a fraction of the commission gathered by the hosting platform. Said tokens will also act as an incentive for active engagement and moderation services within the offered ecosystem.

As expected by the company, AIM token value will correlate with the ICO market growth.

Initially the platform was engineered and launched server-based, so the team is currently focused on the development of project’s pivotal features, required to be in place before the decentralization procedures will begin.

The second stage will bring more distributed features over time and move Aimwise to the third stage and the ultimate goal of building a completely decentralized ecosystem.