Indorse, the Decentralized Social Network for Professionals, Announces Airdrop

    Will be a One-Stop-Shop for Blockchain Creation & Transformation


    – Indorse, a blockchain-powered decentralized social network for professionals, today announced an airdrop of 65,000 IND tokens to holders of TenX (PAY), Digix (DGD), Coindash (CDT) and 0x – ZeroX (ZRX) tokens.

    Indorse Co-Founder and CEO, David Moskowitz said:

    “The Indorse network presents a revolutionary approach to professional networking by providing a platform on which users can use crowd-verified endorsements to further their reputations. As such, our ecosystem flourishes as active and engaged participants, receive financial rewards from engaging on the network, in the form of IND tokens.”

    “In choosing to airdrop our tokens to these communities, we ensure not only wide distribution, but also that our tokens will be placed in the hands and wallets of some of the most active and engaged token holders in the Ethereum network,” Moskowitz added.

    A snapshot of PAY, DGD, CDT and ZRX token holders was taken on August 18, 2017. Accounts with the equivalent of 3,000 ether or more, and less than .01 ether, will be scrubbed to prevent sending tokens to exchange accounts and dust accounts.

    Speaking on the announcement, Adam Efrima COO of Coindash said, “The IND token will be added to CoinDash ecosystem soon, following the airdrop our users will be able to manage one more asset in their Coindash portfolio.”

    “We are thrilled that our PAY holders will receive IND tokens in this airdrop, as while Indorse provides a way for people to earn tokens, TenX gives them a way to spend them,” added Airdrop partner and Tenx Co-founder, Dr. Julian Hosp.

    “The team at Indorse have been long time supporters of the ethereum and Digix communities. We are very happy to support them in their efforts to expand the universe of IND holders,” noted Shaun Djie, Co-founder of Digix Global.

    The Indorse token sale will run until September 7, 2017 where the Indorse Tokens (IND) will be distributed to token sale participants, representing approximately 35% of the total supply created. The IND token is a tradeable token, and participants will also receive Indorse Score (SCR) tokens, which are a non-tradeable reputation token required to post updates to the member profile or indorse and flag claims, once the platform is released on the main network.

    In addition, following a successful engagement with WINGS, the Ethereum-based price discovery and social promotion DAO, in their presale, Indorse is again integrating with the DAO that has forecasted and promoted several funding campaigns which have raised in excess of $150 million.

    “We aim to tackle the fundamental flaws associated with social networks such as data ownership and privacy leak by putting the power into the hands of the user, as opposed to the owners and advertisers. The significant interest in our project to date paired with the extensive community support of our Airdrop partners has positioned Indorse as a truly revolutionary undertaking,” Moskowitz concluded.

    While holders of the aforementioned tokens, as of August 18, 2017 will automatically receive IND tokens during the Airdrop, holders can register for this Airdrop at until September 4, 2017 to receive double the amount of IND. Please take note, any site claiming to be Indorse and asking for your private key is a scam.

    For more information on the token sale, visit