Matchpool Finds Itself a Match, Announcing Partnership with TaaS


    Matchpool, a decentralized community matchmaking service has partnered with Token-as-a-Service, the first closed-end Blockchain assets fund.

    Matchpool has built a decentralized matchmaking platform enabling anyone to create a closed community (so-called “pool”) free of charge, and invite whoever they would like to see there.

    The project’s goal is to help people find partners with matching interests by simply joining a pool that corresponds the desired criteria.

    “Matchpool aims to make the world more synchronistic and connected within communities by creating a fair, incentive-based platform. We are excited to partner with TaaS, the fund that has already made progress in building a strong community of investors and enthusiasts. This cooperation will play a crucial part in the process of uniting the crypto world,” stated Yonatan Ben Shimon, Co-Founder and CEO of Matchpool.

    The system employs Ethereum smart-contracts to deal with sensitive information and implement transparent reward mechanics, using the native Guppy token (GUP). Recently Matchpool has launched an Alpha 1.0 version of its product equipped with basic features for pool creation and interaction.

    Thanks to this strategic partnership, TaaS will be able to facilitate creation of two specific kinds of pools to represent investor groups — many-to-many private pools for investors to share pitches and ideas around certain ICOs, and one-to-many public pools to offer initiatives to contribute on beneficial terms. Dimitrii Chupryna, co-founder of TaaS, noted:

    “The strategic partnership between Matchpool and TaaS allows for further development of cryptospace infrastructure. Through creating pools based on Matchpool’s platform, the public acquires like-minded communities to network with, as well as access Blockchain projects to fund.”

    This partnership will become one of the many collaborations that TaaS is seeking to form. For Matchpool the aim stays on the further product development, including adding more monetization models for pools, chat improvements, and serverless architecture.