HydroMiner Announces ICO and First Token Sale Starting September 25th 2017


HydroMiner a cryptocurrency company offering green mining in the Austrian Alps opening their ICO next week, starting September 25, 2017.

HydroMiner – Watch Our Video! from HydroMiner on Vimeo.

“We focused on mining using hydro power to build a cryptoworld, that is based on an environmentally friendly way of mining. The best part is, this green way is also very profitable, since we are able to purchase the energy at a really low price, which can compete with Chinese and northern European ones.”

“While being part of the crypto-revolution, that is changing the world as we know it, we still manage to have almost no carbon footprint. Our electricity bill is 85% lower than the average bill in Europe due to the special energy market situation here in Austria.”

“So, the investor doesn’t need to choose between a rewarding and a responsible, eco-friendly mining business, we can offer both with our mining farms in the Alps.”

“At HydroMiner you’ll find all scalable currencies, so there are many options for miners. They use smart software algorithms, which advise what currencies are best to mine in real time. So miners can feel confident their investments will be strong and sound.”

Whether you are new to mining or are an experienced miner, you’ll want to pay attention to these upcoming dates for HydroMiner’s token sale.

Presale – Starting September 25th 2017 10:00 UTC. A one week presale with 25% bonus in tokens. The minimum investment is 50 ETH.

Token Sale – Begins October 3rd 2017 10:00 UTC. HydroMiner will hold a 4 week token sale, offering 4 levels ideal for every miner complete with 20% to 5% in bonus tokens.

Continuous Sale – From January 1st 2018 and then ongoing, you can continue to buy mining capacity through HydroMiner.

Visit https://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale/ to make your purchase. Their mining calculator easily displays the mining difficulty, so you can clearly understand if now is the ideal opportunity to invest. Your investment, profit and yearly ROI are all calculated in American USD.

Visit the HydroMiner website at https://www.hydrominer.com to enter your e-mail address to be informed of the ICO.