Token Private Presale Has Attracted $500,000

default’s token private presale for their upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) has attracted 500,000 USD and the entire amount is earmarked to launch the crowdsale campaign aimed at attracting funds for fast business scaling and international promotion of already operating Miniapps platform. is a smart contract-based app marketplace and a chatbot platform  comprising of chatbot developers, their clients and partners. makes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and chatbot technologies affordable and ready to use for a broad market of micro, small and medium enterprises around the world, which number estimated up to 300 millions.

The goal of the Miniapps token sale, which opens on October 18th is to obtain enough financial resources to reach at least 10% of this market. platform currently serves about 10 mln mobile users in Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa and South East Asia. The existing partner network includes major mobile operators and banks.

To its holders, Miniapps’  MAT token provides a range of functionalities based on the Ethereum smart-contract: it serves as a means of partners, clients and developers  authorization for accessing specific items in the marketplace, some administrative tools and messaging channels, discount and bonus system, and partner’s referral programs.

It has been revealed earlier this month  that the WINGS DAO had engaged in the upcoming Miniapps MAT token generation event.  A globally diverse group of crypto experts that comprise the WINGS community will be able to forecast the result of the upcoming MiniApps TGE, and share their forecast thus reaching a higher level of trust among early backers. WINGS has successfully evaluated the fund raising outcome of some of the largest token sales events to date. Besides that, Miniapps will make use of the industry leading WINGS Promotion Management application for crypto-community engagement and early adopter growth.