Synereo Launches Creator Program – Allocates $400,000 worth of AMP


Synereo, a company developing Blockchain-enabled solutions for content creators and curators, begins onboarding creators to WildSpark, it’s Attention Economy app. WildSpark allows better and direct monetization of original content, posted anywhere on the net, independent of centralized hubs.

WildSpark, the first tool developed by Synereo, works as a distributed Attention Economy layer on top of existing media hubs, creating an entirely new way for original content to be monetized.

The new economy created by Synereo incentivizes users to support creators through distributing their content to appreciating audiences, rewarding these “Curators” for success. WildSpark users can reward both creators and curators directly with AMP, while neither Synereo nor the hub hosting the content take a cut.

Currently in open beta, and in anticipation of its mainstream release in three months, Synereo expects to onboard over 100 creators during the Sunrise Period of the Creator Program and reward early adopters with a significant AMP reward, distributed over seven weeks:

  • Silver Tier creators, with 300-1,000 subscribers, will be rewarded with 500AMP
  • Gold Tier creators, with 1,000-3,000 subscribers, will be rewarded with 1000AMP
  • Platinum Tier creators, with 3,000-1,0000 subscribers, will be rewarded with 10,000AMP
  • Diamond Tier creators, with 10,000+ subscribers, will be rewarded with 20,000AMP

Dor Konforty, founder and CEO at Synereo, added:

With our upcoming release aimed at taking WildSpark mainstream, and going forward — we are going to provide content creators with the best means available, utilizing novel Blockchain technologies, to support their creative process and monetize their works.”