Safinus Platform Wants to Unite Investors and Traders in One Place


    The team of the Safinus project has announced a pre-ICO launch. They are creating a platform where experienced investors, traders or funds will be able to create investment portfolios whose profitability is transparent and confirmed by the Blockchain technology. Beginners who are not skilled enough to invest in cryptoassets effectively and independently will be able to join the investment portfolios.

    The platform’s team declared its mission:

    “Making investments in cryptoassets accessible for a wide audience of beginners and at the same time enabling experienced investors and the market professionals to increase their profits manyfold.”

    How Will the Platform Work?

    Safinus is based on a mechanism of portfolio creation. Experienced investors, traders and funds will create investment portfolios and set joining terms. Safinus will automatically sort portfolios by their profitability. Investors will be able to join portfolios selecting them by profit expectations and working conditions.

    Fraud protection will be ensured by a voting mechanism. An ICO or a cryptocurrency will be able to enter the platform only after they are approved by the trader community.

    For traders convenience, there will be tools for automated trade strategies and a mechanism enabling to trade on different exchanges via the Safinus platform alone.

    In order to fully protect assets of the platform’s members, the exchange will work according to a decentralized management model.

    As a result, the Safinus team expects that beginners will be able to invest in cryptoassets in a few clicks and experienced investors and traders will be able to prove their expertise and to attract extra managed capital.

    The platform will use SAF tokens. The platform will write off a commission in tokens. To create an investment portfolio, trader will have to replenish the balance for SAF 200.

    The hard cap will be USD $16,000,000. There will be no further token emission. The basic price of 1 SAF token by the time the ICO starts will be equal to one USD.

    The ICO will be realized in 2 stages:

    The pre-ICO will start on the 2nd of February and go on until the 12th of February 2018

    Stage 1. Pre-ICO

    • At the Pre-ICO stage the price of one SAF token will be:
    • Day 1 – USD 0.5 (50% discount)
    • Days 2-6 – USD 0.65 (35% discount)
    • Days 7-10 – USD 0.8 (20%discount)

    Stage 2. ICO

    • At the ICO stage the price of one SAF token will be:
    • Days 1-7 – USD 0.9 (10% discount)
    • Days 8-29 – USD 1 (0% discount)

    More information about the Safinus can be found on their website: and in the Whitepaper: