UHUB.IO Seeks to Bring Their Decentralized E-commerce Platform to Life


    At the beginning of 2017, a team of experienced developers gathered around UHUB (https://uhub.io/) a startup project that intends to revolutionize e-Commerce business. Now, they are looking to take their project one step further by developing a decentralized platform where users could get products, tickets and hotel reservations in a safer, cheaper and time-saving manner. To gather funds for the project, the company has decided to launch an Initial Coin Offering, with the goal of raising the minimum of 18000 Ether (ETH). The presale will take place from November 16th to November 25th, and token sale will be held from November 25th to December 10th.

    The UHUB decentralized platform will use Smart Contracts based on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing users to purchase products, tickets and hotel services on the spot.

    The ecosystem will consist of three different parts:

    • HUB exchange
    • HUB marketplace
    • HUB connector

    HUB exchange

    The HUB exchange will enable buying, selling and storing of numerous different cryptocurrencies, including the HUBcoin (HUB), which will be the primary payment method on the network. HUBcoin will be exchanged only for Ether (ETH) during the ICO.

    HUB marketplace

    The HUB marketplace is a decentralized market where users can buy or sell products directly. The platform will have an Escrow service, in order to keep the users safer and reduce the fraud count to a minimum. Also, there will be a rating system in place, so that the other users can get informed about individual buyers or sellers. The HUB marketplace has one more great advantage – there are no intermediaries (such as PayPal), so the costs for each successful trade can be reduced from approximately 15% to 1%, allowing traders to offer cheaper products.

    HUB connector

    The HUB connector is designed as a place where users can buy transportation tickets (including the plane tickets), tickets for concerts and other events, food vouchers, etc. Besides that, users will be able to make reservations at the hotels and restaurants around the world. Each user will be able to get a list of places and events corresponding to its location, and sorted by country and city to enable more natural navigation.

    “I am aware that UHUB is a big project. But we just want to pay our debt to the community. That’s why we have gathered a knowledgeable and motivated team to make it happen. We want to provide a safer, cheaper and less time-consuming ecosystem, allowing the users to find everything they need in one place. Our long-term goal is also to create more job openings for freelancers, as the UHUB community starts to grow. We intend to create a system where everyone benefits, and we hope to gather the funds to do it,” said UHUB CEO, Yeu Nguyen.

    You can find out more about the project in UHUB whitepaper. For more info, you can visit the UHUB FAQ page.

    Learn more about the UHUB ICO at https://uhub.io/.

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