LetsEnhance.io to process images on Neuromation Platform


LetsEnhance.io has won a technological grant in the ongoing Neuromation Start Up competition and will be the first startup to be launched on Neuromation’s platform.

Let’s Enhance attracted plenty of media attention earlier this month, including a stellar review in Mashable.com. Let’s Enhance provides free online image upscales and enhancements with neural networks. Their system uses GAN architecture and deep neural networks to upscale small images.

Neuromation’s platform is a universal marketplace, that helps to meet datasets, computer power and machine learning models.

Neuromation will provide distributed computer power to Let’s Enhance, originating on mining farms, priced at 3 USD per GPU per day, with reserve of 30 GPUs. 6 GPUs out of 30 are provided in the form of a grant until the end of 2017.

Service payments to the mining pools, that will provide computing power through Neuromation’s platform,  will be provided with Neurotokens, Neuromation’s own currency.

Oleksandr  Savsunenko, the CEO of LetsEnhance.io, said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Let’s Enhance to purchase computing power at an affordable price. Using the Neuromation platform not only do we save 75% of our budget allocated for the purchase of the computing power, but we become part of real blockchain economy. “

Maxim Prasolov, the CEO of Neuromation added:

“We are proud to welcome Let’s Enhance as the first winner of Neuromation’s grant for AI start-ups. Neuromation’s mission is to democratize AI and machine learning, making it affordable for the projects on the initial stage of their development and to ensure fast industrial implementation of neural networks. Neuromation will continue helping young AI projects to progress. We stand behind the concept of knowledge mining and believe in it’s future.”

The partnership with Let’s Enhance is the fourth partnership, announced by Neuromation over the last 2 months. Previously ECR Europe announced that Neuromation will provide image recognition services for its OSA HP retail platform. White hat hacker Hacken.io is taking care of blockchain security for Neuromation, while Token-as-a-service closed end fund TAAS, backs it up on the investment side.

The Neuromation Platform will use distributed computing along with blockchain proof of work tokens to revolutionize AI model development.

The current revenue of miners, mining etherium and other light coins on GPU is 40- 60 USD/ day/average machine of 24 GPU, which makes Neuromation an attractive alternative for mining pools that wish to increase profits, offering 50-70 USD/day revenue/machine.