Blockchain Oscar-Winner Etherisc Opens Registration for Decentralized Insurance Platform TGE


    Insurtech startup, Etherisc announced on Tuesday the opening of registration for the whitelist of its upcoming DIP token generation event (TGE). The TGE will support research and development of the company’s decentralized, open-source insurance protocol, with the aim of providing greater transparency and lower operational costs throughout the industry.

    Etherisc Co-Founder Stephan Karpischek said, in a statement, “The insurance industry is outdated and riddled with frustrations and conflicts of interest. People and businesses have, for years, been calling out for an insurance process that is transparent, reliable, and instant. Etherisc is leveraging blockchain technology to answer the market demand and bring insurance back to its roots as society’s safety net. Etherisc’s decentralized platform will modernize the insurance industry by bringing back the long-standing values of transparency, efficiency, and fairness, which have somehow become lost along the way.”

    Since winning the Blockchain Oscar 2017 for most innovative blockchain startup, Etherisc has built a community of entrepreneurs and traditional insurance industry players, working closely with the Swiss Financial Regulatory Authority to ensure the DIP TGE is regulation-compliant, according to the statement. 

    The company also states that its board of advisors includes: Business Blockchain author and investor William Mougayar; co-founder and managing partner at CoinFund LLC, Jake Burkhman; co-founder of Lakeside Partners Ralf Glabischnig and CEO of AugmentPartners Limited Ron Bernstein.

    The DIP TGE is scheduled for April 2018, with a hard cap of USD 30 million. One billion DIP tokens will be distributed.

    To learn more about Etherisc and the DIP TGE, visit