SingularityNET and Project Shivom Using AI on Genomic Data to Extend Human Life


SingularityNET, the blockchain based market for artificial intelligence products and services, announced on Friday a collaboration with Project Shivom, a genomic data hub storing human genetic records on the blockchain. The joint effort will pursue AI-driven medical analytics, leading the way for research into large-scale genomic data sets with the potential to uncover advances in treatment for existing ailments, as well as enhancements to longevity and extending the length and quality of human life.

The partnership is expected to bring high quality data and new customers to the SingularityNET platform, while giving Shivom customers and brokers far greater analytical power to draw insights from their data. The announcement follows last week’s partnership between SingularityNET and DeepBrain Chain for additional AI development.

To ensure efficiency and privacy, a Shivom based data brokerage would collect clients’ encrypted genomic and medical data, as well as any restrictions on the type of research to which their information can be applied. From there, a medical researcher or AI agent requests analysis relevant to their area of study and, if available, the data is sent to a service (now to be provided via SingularityNET) that applies encryption algorithms to produce the desired analysis while ensuring patient data anonymity.

Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, recently outlined his work on an automated regenerative medical system, with Michael Duncan of bioinformatics firm Mozi AI Health. 

“We are excited about Shivom’s vision for the next era of genomics, and are happy to be working with them”, said Goertzel. “Tools must be developed to enable AI and other analysis of genomics data, without the researcher necessarily being able to view the entirety of the individual’s genetic makeup and medical situation. The questionable relationship between the UK government and Google DeepMind Health, for example, highlights the need for decentralized medical big data and AI. What we see here is a centralized government medical system dancing to the tune of a big, centralized AI/data company. Who will own the deep knowledge about human life and death, and health, disease and body function – which AI is going to discover by analyzing the world’s biomedical data? This is precisely what is at stake.”