An Interview with Ameer Rosic, co-founder of Blockgeeks: “The Whole Point of Blockchain is to Democratize”


    “The whole point of blockchain is to democratize,” says Ameer Rosic in an interview with CoinTelegraph. “Everyone is smart enough to lose money or make money.”

    Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, the co-founder of Blockgeeks, the founder of Rosic Media and a crypto youtuber. In this interview, Rosic goes into everything from how he got his start in the blockchain space to what his thoughts are on the future of the technology to what the effect of the European Union Data Protection Regulation law will be.

    According to Rosic, in 2017, the initial coin offering (ICO) space was more focused on “the true ethos of blockchain.” However, the crypto craze caused that emphasis to disappear. “I think right now greed is a hell of a thing,” Rosic says. “I hate this fact that my mother can go spend millions of dollars at a casino — which is [the] original token — but God forbid she’s too dumb to invest in a company.”

    For more on Rosic’s stance on aspects of the crypto space, check out the video above.