Artificial Intelligence System Writes and Directs Sci-Fi Film Starring Thomas Middleditch


    Many people joke that robots will take over the workforce, replacing everyone from factory workers to waitresses. But what about actors? Thomas Middleditch (“Silicon Valley”) has proved that this is a definite possibility in his latest sci-fi film project that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

    “Think about having sex with a jar of salsa,” Middleditch says. These are not script lines — they’re random thoughts that Middleditch pronounces on-camera for the AI, named Benjamin by the developers, to borrow his voice and face.

    From there, Benjamin will use public-domain sci-fi films to create a unique film that supplants Middleditch and co-stars’ faces for other characters, such as from “Night of the Living Dead.”

    AI technology has been theorized to work hand-in-hand with blockchain infrastructure for many reasons. Most helpful of which is the possibility that the blockchain can assist in understanding why AI makes the decisions it does.

    For more on AI and how it can be implemented in creative projects, watch the video above.