Behind the Scenes of Ivan on Tech’s Crypto YouTube Channel


    In 2013, when bitcoin was valued at just $100 USD, Ivan Liljeqvist was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend in high school. Coming from a technological background, Liljeqvist was at a loss for how a decentralized currency could work — so, he checked it out.

    Four years later, Liljeqvist has become a crypto youtuber, blockchain educator, software developer and data scientist.

    “I think, when it comes to media, there’s a lot to do… but you also realize a lot has to be done in other markets,” Liljeqvist says. “For example, Latin America. So many people will benefit there, but there’s just not enough content, not enough education and therefore it’s important to bring the whole space together.

    For more on what it’s like to be a cryptocurrency blogger on YouTube and education, watch the video above.