Find Out How Much People Really Know About Cryptocurrency


    Most people have heard of Bitcoin at this point, and perhaps the term “cryptocurrency,” but do they know what it is? Surveys in 2018 have shown that less than 8 percent of Americans own cryptocurrencies with around 55 percent reporting that they do not plan to invest in the future. Why is that though? Perhaps there’s a lack of education on the technology for the general public.

    This hypothesis is reinforced with Fanatics Media’s video in which they visit Santa Monica Beach, California, to find out how much people actually know about cryptocurrency — asking whether they know where to buy it, what kinds there are, what it looks like and more.

    “Do you know who Satoshi Nakamoto is?” Fanatics Media asks.

    “Someone from Japan?” one person answers.

    Another answer excitedly: “I know this one! So, it was the anonymous person who made Bitcoin!”

    And still another: “Sounds like somebody from ‘Karate Kid.'”