Best-in-Class Marketplace for Blockchain Companies and Service Providers launched by Cointopia

Cointopia first to create marketplace exclusively focused on the blockchain community and ecosystem


The opening of its marketplace connecting blockchain companies was announched by today. Top-tier service providers will bring on distinguishable blockchain vendors for ‘A to Z’ blockchain services. These services include, advisory, whitepaper authoring, PR/marketing, blockchain technology development to community management starting with Hybrid Block, Sparkchain, Token Agency, and product development firm, Very, to name a few.

“Leveraging Cointopia’s reach into the industry’s network, we want to bridge the gap between the companies using blockchain technology and the service providers that can make them successful,” said Charles Michael Yim, CEO of Cointopia. “Filling this void will help promising blockchain projects navigate a crowded blockchain service market and ensure the necessary tools to succeed. We look forward to onboarding more of the blockchain industry’s leading players to build a vibrant ecosystem where all sides benefit.”

Ratings for service providers within the Cointopia Marketplace community will also be stored on the blockchain, ensuring that reviews are immutable and accurate, which will support a more transparent ecosystem. In turn, the blockchain companies will be able to navigate the marketplace with confidence knowing that the service providers have been rated by real customers within the platform.

“In today’s congested blockchain landscape, founders are faced with an influx of companies providing professional services, many of which are not properly vetted, said Aaron Bensoua, Director at Sparkchain. “As a company that is a leader in the blockchain industry, we are excited to have Cointopia list our company as an official vendor on their marketplace and serve projects that are moving the market forward.”

Marketplace users can effortlessly manage their project and receive online bids from Cointopia’s pool of professional vendors that specialize in blockchain service needs through the platform. Cointopia Marketplace users are able to upload request list(s) of Request for Proposals (RFPs), share project info and start date to begin the bidding process. “As an investor in new companies in the blockchain space, the Cointopia marketplace helps eliminate the weeding process with a curated selection of diverse service providers and streamline the process of building their projects,” said Jeremy Gardner, Founder at Ausum Ventures. “It’s reassuring as an investor in early-stage projects to know Cointopia’s service providers have a proven industry track record.”