Coinify Introduces myCoinify, a B2C service For Individual Traders

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar lumens (XLM), and Bitcoin SV (BSV) are added to Buy and Sell platform.


    Coinify, the virtual currency payment provider that is currently leading the European market, has announced the introduction of three new virtual currencies on it’s Buy and Sell platform.  The company is also rebranding their trade service for private individuals.

    The platform offers various currency trading and
    payment processing services where individuals can buy and sell virtual currencies. Following its support of Ether (ETH) in 2018, the company’s individual Buy and Sell
    platform will now also support Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar lumens (XLM), and Bitcoin SV
    (BSV). Users can purchase these currencies directly with bank transfers or credit cards.
    To enter the virtual currency space, users have traditionally utilised bitcoin as a medium
    of exchange to access other virtual currencies. Coinify completely omits this step by
    providing users a straight path to the currencies of their choice.

    Coinify’s selection of virtual currencies is based on a stringent review process. Coins that
    are aligned with Coinify’s strict internal compliance standards, alongside complying to
    international regulation and having a tangible ambition towards being a viable payment
    instrument, with a strong community to support the coin’s use are choice options for
    the platform.

    “We are continually developing our services to support access to virtual currencies while
    taking an agnostic stance on the ecosystem,” said co-founder and CEO of Coinify, Mark
    Højgaard. “The real differentiator of Coinify is that we are not only offering low-cost
    bank transfers for buying these currencies, but users also have the option of instant
    purchases using all major payment cards. There just aren’t that many platforms out
    there that offer users direct card purchases of other virtual currencies, apart from

    Along with the new currencies, the company has revealed the new name for their
    individual trading platform: formerly known as Buy and Sell, the platform will now be
    called myCoinify. The rebranding comes as part of Coinify’s extension of their payment offerings, thus needing a clear distinction between their Payments Product Suite for businesses, and myCoinify, which is a B2C service for private individuals.

    “By providing a clear separation between the platform for individual users and our
    payment product collection, we can serve our users in the best way possible and resolve their needs more effectively,” said Pia Skafte Johansen, Head of Payment Solutions at

    myCoinify will continue to focus on the end users by providing them with a simple and
    compliant platform to buy multiple virtual currencies. The service also lowers barriers to
    entry into the virtual currency space by being wallet agnostic and users can, therefore,
    store their virtual currencies the wallet of their choice.
    The addition of these new coins are only the beginning of myCoinify’s offerings: the
    company anticipates to support a total of 15 different virtual currencies on the platform
    by the end of 2019. The provision of these new virtual currencies will also be available
    for Coinify’s wallet partners via their inWallet payment solution.