Graph Blockchain Implements IoT Sensors for the Agriculture and Cannabis Sector


Graph Blockchain has completed building a blockchain solution for the agriculture and cannabis industry focusing on the cultivation environment and has also just entered into a deal with Korean Agtech company Ezfarm to utilize the Company’s Blockchain solutions for the collection and processing of data from the agricultural field.

“We have previously stated that we see a fantastic opportunity for blockchain technology and specifically Graph’s technology to improve the safety, efficiency and transparency in the global food industry. Being chosen by Ezfarm as a partner in providing blockchain solutions for their agricultural clients further demonstrates that we are on the correct path.”

Ezfarm is a Bigdata solution business founded in 2000 to lead agricultural development. Ezfarm provides field-oriented solutions that enable farmers, markets, and consumers to utilize data instantly in the changing agricultural environment with the rapid development of IT technology.

“This represents our second food-related opportunity following an MOU with a large Korean Conglomerate, LOTTE Data Communications, that was entered into through our largest shareholder Datametrex AI Limited (TSXV:DM). In this case, Graph will assist in developing a blockchain based solution for the importation of Canadian beef,” says Jeff Stevens, CEO of the Company.

Graph Blockchain develops leading-edge private blockchain business intelligence and data management solutions and is a pure play in the graph database technology space. Graph leverages its proprietary integration of the AgensGraph Database engine with IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric to create a transparent and immutable ledger with near real-time transactional data processing and intuitive data visualization. The Company has secured multiple prototype development contracts with multi-national conglomerates and sells across client subsidiaries as a full enterprise product.