Mobile Carrier AT&T to Accept Online Payment Options in Cryptocurrency with BitPay

    AT&T* he world’s largest telecommunications company, the second largest provider of mobile telephone services, is now accepting online bill payments through BitPay, a respected cryptocurrency payment processor that converts cryptocurrencies to fiat, a service that is already used by over 20,000 businesses. With this step, AT&T becomes the first major U.S. mobile carrier to provide a cryptocurrency payment option to customers.

    “We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services,” said Kevin McDorman, vice president, AT&T Communications Finance Business Operations. “We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.”

    The new payment option could be great for people who earn Bitcoin, customers will be able to select BitPay as a payment option when they log on to their accounts online, but it can also be done with the my AT&T app.