Korea’s Cube Systems Rolls Out New Blockchain eCommerce Platform


    Blockchain research and development platform Cube System is rolling out its new Cube Chain based public blockchain mainnet, WAVE 1.0 today – July 3, 2019.

    Kim, Dong-oh, CEO of Cube System, said: 

    “Cube Chain is a blockchain platform. By focusing on ecommerce, Cube Chain can be applied to various industries and with our multiple security systems and fast processing speed, it can be used very widely.”

    Cube Chain is a unique blockchain ecosystem based on a self-developed technology that forms blocks into a cube-shaped structure using a “cubing” process and connects those cubes together. Cube Chain’s developers created a unique algorithm to build the platform and services offering users a one of a kind experience.

    The “cubing” process combines 27 blocks at a time, before creating a cube with 24 data blocks – containing transaction ledger histories – and three other special cubes, made up of a data index block, data statistics processing block, and an escrow function block.

    Cube Chain offers users a blockchain-based social network (Qblog), peer-to-peer transaction messenger (CubeChat), AI Service Manager (ASM), integrated login system (SignOne), and a service that verifies the authenticity of products sold on its ecommerce platform (Cube Chain Product).

    It has a high transactions per second (TPS) rate and enables fast searching when using blockchain. Currently operating in a test net, it is reaching around 12,900 TPS, demonstrating that CubeChain is faster than both VISA (3,536 TPS) and MASTER (2,061 TPS) for Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

    The central feature of the mainnet launch is the operational linkage between Cube Chain’s exclusive mining device -known as Q10- with Cube System’s main net which is Proof-of-work(POW) method. Cube Chain coin (QUB) can be mined using the Proof-Of-Stake (POS) method as well and in Cube Chain Wallet, anyone holding 5000 QUB or more in their wallet can participate in POS mining.

    Additionally, an enhanced security vault function will keep Cube Chain safer with doubled security. Cube Chain Wallet provides basic functions such as coin storage, transfer and escrow trade, while also allowing for creation and storage of tokens, coupon issue, and messaging management.

    Cube Chain has applied to patent it’s “data connection structure and method in cube form” alongside fifteen other technologies. Prior to its mainnet launch, the company is going through a token-coin swap process. Swap application started on 24 June and can be accessed via the Cube Chain website at cubechain.io.