Daimler launches hardware Car Wallet with RIDDLE&CODE

    On July 16th Daimler announced the successful completion of round 6 at Start-up Autobahn in Stuttgart describing their vision of the future of Mobility including a Car Wallet, powered by RIDDLE&CODE


    Leading European blockchain interface solutions provider, RIDDLE&CODE, has announced details and context of its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or Blockchain hardware wallet that is powering a Daimler Financial Services-led consortium to provide an open car wallet solution.

    “This is a prime example of a global market leader betting on European industry collaboration and DLT-based innovation. A new generation of open mobility services will create new business models, and RIDDLE&CODE is excited to be at the heart of it with our hardware-based car wallet,” said Alexander Koppel, CEO and co-founder of RIDDLE&CODE. He added, “It shows an ability to continue to offer disruptive value-added services creating new marketplaces for mobility, energy and finance.”

    Car wallets enable a wide variety of use cases from car-sharing to Autonomous Vehicles. The real-time exchange of secure traffic data between vehicles and smart city environments reduces congestion and lowers insurance premiums, and Blockchain-certified data can be used in case of accidents.

    RIDDLE&CODE provides Vehicle Identity, trusted data provenance and a settlement layer as part of this DLT consortium.

    Story bigTom Fürstner, the company’s Founder and CTO, said:

    “Autonomous cars must behave consistently to be trusted. Cars are already computing devices. A secure identity ensures that the right authorities have approved code executed inside vehicles and the trustworthiness of data exchanged. RIDDLE&CODE secures this with its cryptographic hardware and uses ledgers to turn automobiles into future market places.”

    The hardware wallet solution is built around RIDDLE&CODE’s Secure Element 2.0 that provides a protected blockchain identity to vehicles. Merging that with standard Vehicle Identity (e.g. registration) creates unique and secure ledger transactions.

    SE BigOther partners in the Daimler-led Mobility Blockchain Platform include Blockchain Helix for human digital identity solutions, Evan.Network for the Network layer and 51 Nodes for Smart Contracts.

    RIDDLE&CODE is a European Blockchain interface company, that builds hardware and software stacks, bringing trusted identity to objects and people. Together with its tier one clients and partners, RIDDLE&CODE brings greater efficiency and new business models to financial markets, energy distribution, supply chain management and the Internet of Things. More information: www.riddleandcode.com