New Book: ‘Blockchain For Everyone’ by John Hargrave

How I Learned the Secrets of the New Millionaire Class (And You Can, Too)

john hargrave

From the author of Mind Hacking and founder of Bitcoin Market Journal comes Blockchain For Everyone by John Hargrave – a warm, easy-to-read and user-friendly format which explains the money-making secrets behind bitcoin and blockchain.

When John Hargrave first invested in cryptocurrency, the price of a single bitcoin was about $125; a few years later, that same bitcoin was worth $20,000. He wasn’t alone: this flood of new money is like the early days of the Internet, creating a new breed of “blockchain billionaires.”

“Hargrave interfuses clear, easily accessible descriptions of blockchain’s core ideas and use cases into a rollicking, personal narrative.”
– Michael J. Casey, co-author of The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Truth Machine.

Hargrave says he has unlocked their secrets.

In Blockchain for Everyone, he reveals the formula for investing in bitcoin and blockchain, using real-life stories, easy-to-understand examples, and a healthy helping of humour. 
Blockchain for Everyone

Packed with illustrations, Blockchain for Everyone explains how (and when) to buy bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain assets, with step-by-step instructions.

“I’ve predicted the price of bitcoin will hit $250,000 by 2022. Sir John clearly explains how ordinary investors can share in this wealth.”
– Tim Draper, founder, Draper Associates

“A mad journey on the roller coaster of blockchain and crypto … this is not your ordinary blockchain book.”
– Stephen P. Williams, author of Blockchain: The Next Everything

“This book masterfully captures this journey, as Sir John sets out to build a business in the brave new world of blockchain.”
– Stephen Spinelli, President of Babson College

“If you’re not looking to invest in blockchain, this book will change your mind.”
– Rob Frasca, cofounder, COSIMO Venture Partners

Blockchain for Everyone is the first blockchain investing book written for the layperson: a guide that helps everyone understand how to build wealth wisely. It’s the new investing manifesto!

If you are in the Boston area, John invites you to join his official book launch party, next Thursday 8 August, at 6:30 pm.
6:30-7:00 pm: Dinner and drinks (provided!)
7:00-7:45pm: Author presentation
7:45-8:00 pm: Q&A
8:00-9:00pm: Networking and book signing
9:00 pm: Afterparty!

Sir John Hargrave is the author of three books, including Mind Hacking. He is one of the most sought-after speakers on the blockchain circuit, educating and entertaining audiences around the world.