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Blockchain-Fueled VeganNation raises $10 million for Vegan Global Marketplace


VeganNation, has closed on a $10 Million funding round from private investors and is ready for the global debut of the VeganNation platform on webapp, iOS, and Android. VeganNation is the first ecosystem of vegan activists working together to make a positive impact on the environment. The platform uses Blockchain technology to ensure a transparent supply chain and provide a designated coin to serve the community members in all their transactions using the VeganNation digital wallet. 

“This is a major milestone in uniting all environmentally conscious consumers worldwide into a nation founded on sustainable development, generosity, and kindness towards all living beings,” said Isaac Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of VeganNation. “And, undoubtedly, another huge step toward successfully establishing the year of the vegan.” 

According to an article in Haaretz, Thomas is a former Haredi real estate developer, one of 10 siblings in a Jerusalem family. He immigrated to the United States and later returned to Israel. His three partners in VeganNation are Yossi Raybi, Netanel Giat and Shneor Shapira, who have a background in real estate, restaurants and high-tech.

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“The four say they have lined up a long list of vegan and other relevant partner organizations for their undertaking and have agreed to use VeganCoin in transactions. They include People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as well as vegan societies in Germany, Britain, Brazil, Spain and South Africa.”

This announcement follows the recent news of celebrity vegan activists Game of Thrones’ Jerome Flynn and Step Up dancer Jenna Dewan joining VeganNation’s advisory board, as well as the news of VeganNation’s partnerships with four Brazilian football teams: Remo, Paysandu, National and Iranduba, to work together on environmental projects to protect the Amazon rainforest. 

The web and mobile marketplace include several components:

  • Social Content Sharing: A one-stop-shop to find the latest vegan news, accumulated from user-generated content, including articles, blog posts, recipes and restaurant recommendations.
  • Meal Sharing: Members are able to host vegan meals at home for other members, search and find vegan restaurants, and meet up with fellow vegans wherever they are in the world. They will also be able to cook meals for delivery purposes, utilizing existing food delivery services.
  • E-commerce: A vegan and environmentally sustainable online marketplace for products and services that facilitates transactions using its transparent, safe, and blockchain-based VeganCoin currency.

Here’s a quick rundown on the VeganCoin project.

  • Total Tokens Planned: 1 billion
  • Underlying Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Soft/Hard Caps: $10m/$60m
  • Token Symbol: VCN (but should totally be VGN!)
  • Website:
  • Telegram:
  • Twitter: @Vegan_Coin
  • Whitepaper: VeganNation Greenpaper

2019 was declared the year of the vegan with meat-free burgers taking over mainstream attention, and more and more people embracing vegan diets. With the consistent growth of the vegan community over the past years, VeganNation provides a one-stop-shop that supports a fully vegan lifestyle. VeganNation is the first-ever full vegan economy equipped with its own traceable digital currency and a social marketplace which includes vegan products and food sharing marketplace.

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