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    Karuschain Opens Applications for Blockchain Beta Testers Among Precious Metals Mining Companies

    Leading the digital transformation of precious metals mining with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Karuschain (KRS) opens its doors to additional mining companies worldwide to participate in the official beta testing phase.


    Blockchain-enabled supply chain tracking and traceability software company Karuschain, working in the global precious metals mining industry is opening its beta tester applications.

    Richard Verkley, CEO of Karuschain:

    “Together, this incredible team and I have combined over 270 years of precious metals and mining experience to arrive at where we are today. The industry is long overdue a transparent and innovative solution that focuses on the needs of its people, and the timing couldn’t be more ripe for that than now. Improving the current outdated, exorbitantly-costly and inefficient supply chain management practices is something we have been called to do, and also something I feel incredibly excited about. Each of us understands that digital transformation in the sector is no longer a matter of if, yet it’s a matter of when.”

    Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

    Select companies will have the opportunity to work alongside a world-class team to understand the many facets of blockchain technology, the real-world use cases, and to have a framework for evaluating for their businesses. These companies will play a critical role with the Karuschain team to continue to develop the most valuable solution possible to meet the needs of the industry.

    The Karuschain platform offers dramatic advancements and improved efficiencies for companies to be able to meet their compliance requirements set forth by global organizations such as the OECD and LBMA by leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology. Karuschain predicts companies to experience dramatic improvements, cost savings, and increased protections.

    According to a report by the World Economic Forum, within the next ten years, digitalization could generate over $320 billion of industry value with a potential benefit of approximately $190 billion for the mining sector and $130 billion for the metals sector. The total for Mining and Metals is equivalent to 7% of industry revenue and 9% of industry profit.

    To apply for your company to participate in the Karuschain Beta Program, apply online at Applications will be reviewed on a first-in basis with a limited number of vacancies.

    Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

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