Dama Financial and Helix TCS Establish First Blockchain-Fueled, Complaint Cannabis Marketplace


    Helix TCS, the leading provider of critical infrastructure services to the legal cannabis industry has cut a deal with Dama Technologies, a company that provides access to transparent, sustainable banking and payment solutions to legitimize the rapidly growing cannabis industry. The partnership will facilitate the secure transfer of online payments and settlements within the Amercanex marketplace for wholesale cannabis.

    “At Helix TCS, we have always focused on providing fully compliant, transparent infrastructure solutions to the cannabis industry,” said Helix TCS CEO and Executive Chairman Zachary L. Venegas. “The Dama solution will allow cannabis businesses to transact as any other business would, and I’m proud to bring this first-in-class system to the industry.”

    “We are thrilled to partner with HelixTCS to deliver the first true cannabis exchange to the industry. Amercanex will give these business owners the opportunity to maintain and grow their business operations online in a secure and legitimate way,” said Dan Henry, CEO of Dama Financial.

    This is made possible due to a recent acquisition which provides Helix with a sophisticated Electronic Communications Network (ECN) that can integrate blockchain technology to facilitate real-time transactions of wholesale cannabis product between licensed operators in regulated markets. In early September Helix TCS, the leading provider of critical infrastructure services to the legal cannabis industry acquired Amercanex – a B2B wholesale marketplace that leverages blockchain technology and is capable of facilitating wholesale cannabis and hemp transactions between licensed businesses on a global scale.

    The agreement positions Dama Financial as the exclusive payment solution on the Amercanex platform and Amercanex as the only wholesale cannabis exchange using Dama Financial’s comprehensive suite of financial solutions. Dama Financial will provide access to checking, escrow and trading accounts to support seamless and secure financial transactions between marketplace users.