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ShareRing Partners with Thailand’s new E-Visa System: Mainstream Blockchain Adoption

ShareRing gain a route to a very large and receptive market worth hundreds of thousands of users per month.


ShareRing’s OneID system is the lynchpin technology in Thailand’s Electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA) system.  ShareRing will provide the core technology stack (backend infrastructure) that will be used by one of the two eVOA partners. 

Of the company’s recent partnership with eVOA, COO Rohan Le Page said,

“We are providing our OneID product for Thailand e-VOA (Visa On Arrival) that allows 5 Million + travelers from 20 countries including China and India to complete the visa process on their mobile through our app. This provides a streamlined immigration process that negates the need for an expensive and time-consuming process when you get off the plane. Additionally, fraud is mitigated with several extra layers of security in the back end including our blockchain (ShareLedger) consensus model that makes all data immutable and all but impossible to hack.”

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This is a strong validation of ShareRing’s OneID System. Immigration controls are some of the most scrutinized processes in any branch of government, as such, if the OneID solution can operate to their standards, it is truly business-ready. 

The key benefit of eVOA compared to a regular tourist visa is the streamlined entry into the country. The key cause reason is the ability to instantly purchase your eVOA at home and with online payment, saving two trips to the VFS office. Additionally, eVOA holders use a dedicated fast lane to avoid waiting in long lines at the border. 

The eVOA is available to 20 different countries’ citizens. It is intended for those who are visiting Thailand, and not working in the country. The key target market ShareRing will initially focus on is China and India, two of the largest populated countries in the world. 

  • Thailand is among the world’s leading tourist hotspots, with over 38 Million Travellers visiting Thailand in 2018. 
  • According to internal research and projections, 80% of projected eVOA recipients will be Chinese. As such, ShareRing is well placed within this market to be one of the most influential players in the crypto ecosystem in the near future. 
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