ELEET GAMES to Build Gaming NFTs and Launch Token Exclusively on Tezos Blockchain


ELEET GAMES is proud to start building Web3 games exclusively on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain and to announce an investment from the C. ELEET GAMES is a next-generation gaming publisher leveraging Web3 tools to become the first “Players’ Publisher”. Web3 enables publishers to build games that incorporate user feedback and give gaming communities a real stake in the ecosystems they contribute to as players. New games, associated NFTs, and the native $LEET token will all be built on Tezos.

Founded by former board member and CEO of leading publisher Gameforge AG, Carsten van Husen, ELEET GAMES aims to allow gamers to easily play entertaining games, often free of charge and with the rare opportunity for every player to take part in the decision making.

The company plans to launch a number of on-chain and off-chain games with the goal to overcome the current gap between crypto and core gaming by putting gameplay first. Allowing for participation both in the decision making and commercial success of the publishing label, it intends to constitute the new phase of Publishing 3.0 in gaming and become the “Players’ Publisher.”

Tezos is at the forefront of the global blockchain gaming revolution through fast, secure, and efficient digital interactions without the need for intermediaries. From card to strategy to adventure games, developers are choosing Tezos to build their exciting gaming projects because of its energy-efficiency and ability to seamlessly upgrade and evolve without hard forks.

“ELEET building exclusively on Tezos arrives at an exciting time of evolution in the gaming industry. Gaming is a keystone for the Tezos ecosystem that has established itself as a home for the Web3 creator economy. I’m excited to see ELEET become part of this community and take a lead in building the next generation of games on Tezos,” Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer of the Tezos Foundation.

“We are delighted to join the ranks of companies supported by the Tezos Foundation in the gaming space,” adds Carsten van Husen, Founder and CEO of ELEET GAMES GmbH. “Becoming a part of the Tezos community and starting to build on the Tezos blockchain provides us – as well as industry powerhouse Ubisoft before – with a joyful playground: scalable, user-friendly and energy-efficient. Perfect to build fun and fair games which actually possess the potential to drive crypto adoption.”